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Have made it back from AWA in one piece! Although we did get turned around a couple times in Atlanta. It was pretty fun, although I spent most of my time wandering around the dealers' room, haha o-oops.

Today though, we went shopping at the H-Mart in Duluth and uh. We went for dim sum at the Oriental Pearl but since we (my cousin and I) don't know our way around too well, we decided we'd follow another friend there. Only we were going there from my aunt's house and apparently he doesn't know his way around there! So we ended up going through several side streets, one of which had an electrical pole that was throwing sparks out onto the street. We got there eventually! But only after my aunt got fed up and started yelling directions at him.

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Dear campus bookstore:

When you said you had ordered a new shipment of the book I needed for my lyceum class around the 6th and you were expecting it to come in soon, I thought that meant you would actually you know, have it soon. It is now the 28th and you keep telling me it'll come in later, check back then.


waaah, it shouldn't be this frustrating to get one book.

Other things getting on my nerves this semester:
  • People continually setting off the fire alarms!

  • Continuing construction!

  • Entitled classmates! Especially entitled classmates.

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lol updating again.

Still experiencing twinges of "o god I suck" every once in a while. Mostly I think it's just me needing more practice with my tablet, but whenever I get an urge to draw I usually reach first for my sketchbook. So there's not much progress on that front, haha oops!

IN OTHER NEWS I am returning to university in...two weeks! aaaa aaaa return to chemistry OTL Not that I'm particularly dreading it, just that I'm going to be without any real Asian food for a while considering Auburn is more or less just a college town in the middle of Alabama. so glad there'll be an actual car available for the three hour drive to Atlanta this time.
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Okay, so I think I've got enough things bouncing around in my head to constitute another post. What I've been up to since the last update, in bullet points:

  • Still going through summer classes. So far, the only thing I think I've come away with is a reminder of exactly how much I hate memorizing dates.

  • I've been playing a lot of osu! lately. StepMania for Ouendan/EBA style gameplay? eeeeeee. it's also a major time sink if I'm not careful.

  • Replaying Tales of Legendia! I'm currently about to start the Lightning Monument, though I haven't been able to play much lately due to the aforementioned classes. This has resulted in a lot of little fat party member doodles in the margins of my notes. UM. aaaaa I forgot how much I loved this game.

  • While I'm on the subject of games, I still have yet to finish FFTA2. Stupid tinker.

  • Am finally starting to draw digitally again! This is a good thing, since previously I wasn't able to start drawing anything before going "augh I suck" and closing OpenCanvas. I still get that from time to time, but at least I can actually sketch something out without wanting to kill it.

quick sketch of tiny!Oaks )
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I-I'm updating?! also crossposting from dreamwidth so I feel less aaaaa what am I doing about having two journals, sob.

Aaaanyway I've been taking summer classes at the local college (Art History and Calculus II) and this has convinced me to never do this again. Agh, it's like I never left campus.

In other news, I recently reread FMA and ah! THIS SERIES! I need to catch up on the anime again.
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aaaaaaaaaaa I am so excited. An animated film from Disney! That looks good! aaaaa is it December yet.

but guys. COULD YOU PLEASE HOLD OFF THE RACIST COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE. I am trying to bask here and you are kind of ruining the mood.
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Yaaay, another journal account (nooot that I particularly use even my LJ). I will figure something out for this.


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