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Okay, so I think I've got enough things bouncing around in my head to constitute another post. What I've been up to since the last update, in bullet points:

  • Still going through summer classes. So far, the only thing I think I've come away with is a reminder of exactly how much I hate memorizing dates.

  • I've been playing a lot of osu! lately. StepMania for Ouendan/EBA style gameplay? eeeeeee. it's also a major time sink if I'm not careful.

  • Replaying Tales of Legendia! I'm currently about to start the Lightning Monument, though I haven't been able to play much lately due to the aforementioned classes. This has resulted in a lot of little fat party member doodles in the margins of my notes. UM. aaaaa I forgot how much I loved this game.

  • While I'm on the subject of games, I still have yet to finish FFTA2. Stupid tinker.

  • Am finally starting to draw digitally again! This is a good thing, since previously I wasn't able to start drawing anything before going "augh I suck" and closing OpenCanvas. I still get that from time to time, but at least I can actually sketch something out without wanting to kill it.

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